Thesis project
Project Overview
In 2022, I decided I wanted to set personal goals related to running. As I began paying more attention to this interest, I noticed a common theme amongst women who enjoyed running and walking as an activity- fear for personal safety.  The consensus for battling this fear was personal preparedness, such as wearing bright clothing, taking a dog, or carrying some sort of self-defense weapon. For my thesis, I decided to design a running/walking app for women that focused on safety.
Google Forms
User Research- Survey
Journey Mapping
Component creation
Interaction design
Interface design
Visual mockups
The project began with a survey to identify common pain points and characteristics of my target user. After data analysis through affinity mapping, I determined key features and the user journey. From there, I designed wireframes then moved to a high fidelity prototype.


Check out the survey

When designing the survey, I wanted to ask questions that aided in my gaining a better understanding of my target user. I determined the best way to do this was to ask non-leading questions related to demographic data and patterns. I reached out to a women's running group on Facebook and Reddit to receive feedback and got 178 responses - while this is a low statistical data set, I was on a short timeline, and only kept the survey open for two days before beginning analysis.


Using the key features that were decided upon when creating the affinity map, I outlined the user journey to begin organizing information architecture and interactions.



High Fidelity Prototype

For the home screen, I wanted to include step count data in a form that would be easily comprehensible. One of the asks for the app was that step count was separated by activity (run vs walk) so here, the user can tap on the run or walk bar on the chart to see the step total.
There are also badges for personal milestones and workout summaries for the week that are accessible for review- the user can either check data or the route.

For the active workout screens, I wanted a simple design that would accentuate the map. Current time and distance are always shown, along with graphics for kcal and heart rate. Each time a workout is initiated, the user can opt-in or out for specific notification settings, audible updates, and route suggestions, such as poor lighting along a street.

Auto-notifications can be delivered to emergency contact(s) of user's choice. Notification scenarios include activity start/stop, ability to track user on map, notice of non-movement, and contact with emergency services.

App automatically recognizes a lack of movement. After 30 seconds, the user is prompted with a screen allowing them to "dismiss" further action. If dismiss button is not pressed, user is connected with a HAVN representative, who relays location and health data to emergency services.