UX Case study
Project Overview
For this case study, we had to come up with an original app concept within a chosen problem-space. I'm interested by the integration of technology within healthcare so I chose to design an app that would be helpful to nurses.
A gif demonstrating the visuals of the app moving across the screen.
Splash screen mockup showing Rounds icon and a nurse.
For this case study, I wanted to identify the areas in which nurses could use better tools to assist them in their daily tasks. I interviewed four nurses and performed affinity mapping to determine commonalities in their experiences. During my initial research, I found the following needs and themes:
User interviews
Affinity mapping
Journey map
Interface design
Interaction design
Usability testing
  • Task organization and "care clumping".
  • Ability to check telemetry status on the run.
  • Healthcare is a customer service-based business.
  • Knowledge of staffing.
  • Understanding of HIPAA.

The Design

Examples of the main screens of app design.

To address the needs I discovered during my research phase, I designed an app that features a home page with vitals and reminders for each patient, patient profiles, a calendar that demonstrates staffing and allows the user to opt-in for extra shifts, a message center for communication between nurses, and a task list where tasks are organized by patient. I attempted to acknowledge HIPAA restrictions by demonstrating a registration process that requires that the hospital/clinic has created an account that must be verified by the user.