ux case study
Project Overview
This UX case study was about the journey that a product undergoes and how to consider the story we're trying to tell via the features we select and the aesthetic decisions we make. We were tasked with selecting an existing product and creating 3-4 new features, including a "killer" feature. The final project included a highlight of those features, along with some competitive analyses and a going to market plan.
Adobe Photoshop
Case study

Original app

Market research
Journey maps
Component creation
Interaction design
Interface design
Usability testing
Visual mockups
After completing market analysis, I found that there was opportunity for a feature-set that was not being met- a focus on safety, namely for the dangers that are largely faced by women while walking or running.

This case study focuses on four main areas:
  • Automated notifications to emergency contacts of the user's choice.
  • An interactive map with the ability to backtrack to pinpoints left along the route.
  • A SOS button that's accessible at any time during activity.
  • Movement tracking with an automated SOS response.

The design was kept as true to the original app as manageable with the addition of the new features so as to allow any impact to be that of the features themselves, rather than aesthetics.


Runner's World is a prominent running magazine across the globe. I designed a mock-up illustrating Runkeepers' new features as a cover story.

55.6% of Instagram users are women. Showing clips of real, everyday women using Runkeeper and the new safety features it would boast would have a large impact with the target users.

Stakeholder Presentation

Stakeholder Presentation by Megan Dukek